Monday, 15 February 2010

First Blog- 15/02/2010

When given a task to create a proposal and pitch for a Product to broadcast, there are many things that have to be considered. Many of these are research based, and provide a foundation for a further product. The first thing I began to research was gaps within the current market. Trying to fill this gap could prove risky, as the public generally want the same old programmes that have been fed to them for years. The majority of the market is currently filled with Real-Life shows, and Reality TV, but this seems to be what the general public are currently demanding. From this, I need to find a market for my proposed TV Show idea. For the next week, I will take out research to find an audience for my idea. From this I can then start work on my proposal.

For my showreel, I have started by looking through existing pieces of work that I would like to include in my showreel. I have also started working on styles that I would like my showreel to take on. Over the next week I would like to have a small portfolio of work ready to begin editing into a final showreel piece.

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