Friday, 26 February 2010

Second Blog-19/02/2010

Throughout reading week, we were given the task to research our target audience for our television programme ideas. My first idea was to make a "games review" show. This would be of a similar style to other game review shows, but from research I found out that many of these focused on a similar audience age. I looked into current reviews that were based on other formats (such as the Xbox Live platform)and how popular these were with the audience. As many of my gaming friends are of a similar age, this proved to be fairly biased research. This said, the research taken from this proved that the audience preferred a much more academic approach to reviews. From this I decided that the best way to sell a new gaming review show would be to focus on this new, older audience.
After this research, I looked more into how easy this programme would be to make and how long I could carry an interest in it. This made me realise that I only have a very small passion for something of this style, therefore making it difficult for me to continue coming up with creative aspects to make this show appealing. This then made me look at what genre of programme I would be able to hold an interest in. From this I created a new idea for a factual programme that I feel that I can hold an interest in and continue to make new and interesting content for this.

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