Friday, 26 February 2010

Third Blog-26/02/2010

Since changing my initial idea, I have found that finding information on this subject matter has been a much easier task than in a way creating new information and opinions to be broadcast.
My new idea will be a factual based programme, planned to run for 60 minutes, on a network such as More4. The subject matter of this will be females in the workplace. The programme will be both investigative and informative. The investigative aspect will come from a female presenter taking out the task of finding and applying for a job that is in a male dominated industry. We will then follow her as she takes on the interviews and see how she gets treated throughout this period of time. The informative aspect will be in the form of interviews with experts. These will be of a variety of ages and from a number of different social and professional backgrounds. These experts will either be employers or employees that have an opinion on the subject matter, and in some cases will have first hand experience in a discriminative situation.
The research I found from this in terms of a target audience made me create an audience "model" and a specific type of person who this programme will appeal to. The style will appeal to both males and females, but due to subject matter will be aimed at a female audience. The age range from this will be of an older audience, targetting ages between university graduates (21-24) up to the older generations who may have faced these issues in previous employment(50-70). With this being a wide range, my next task will be to look at any existing programmes that may appeal to this age and see how they apply specific codes and conventions and create a propsal.

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