Monday, 17 May 2010

Eighth Blog 22/04/10

With another project approaching quickly, I have spent the last two weeks planning my time much more effectively. From completing research and planning, I have now finished my proposal and developed my idea to a point in which I feel comfortable preparing my pitch. My documentary will be a total of 90 minutes, and has now been seperated into a variety of sections, each of which covers an area of feminism from a variety of sources. I have also made a large amount of decisions focusing on the style of the programme and the presenter I will use. As discussed in class, the best approach to my presenter would be to use a new face within television. I have also made a definitive target audience and prepared fully the content of the piece. As this is now finished, I will use any spare time over the next few weeks planning for my pitch, including how I will get the facts across for my piece. In terms of my showreel I have looked at what I think would be best to sell myself as a media practitioner. Over the next few weeks, I will work on collaborating all the pieces needed for this, and getting them into a sufficient time line reading to prepare a final piece.

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