Monday, 17 May 2010

Seventh Blog 06/04/10

After looking in more detail at preparing a video piece, I have reached the conlusion that it will be too difficult to prepare this piece as effectively as I would like to, making it virtually useless in the context of my pitch. From this I have decided that I will use facts and figures to back up my overall ideas. Since my last review of research, I have found yet another article focusing on the ways women are treated in the workplace and have also found more information regarding the history of feminism. This will all be included within my research portfolio. My overall idea has again developed. After discussions with the class I have decided that my pitch will work at it's best if the piece is extended. The documentary idea plans to cover a large amount of information, and this can only be done effectively if the piece is extended to a piece of 90 minutes. Due to other commitments, I haven't taken on any showreel work throughout this week.

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