Friday, 26 March 2010

Sixth Blog- 26/03/10

With the next 2 weeks being Easter, I have made a plan to finish my proposal over these weeks. I now have the bulk of my research ready to convert to my extended proposal, so the next few weeks will be spent finishing and perfecting my proposal and presentation. With only a minimum amount of work being applied to the actual presentation, I will be spending as much time planning and preparing my pitch. For my pitch I am going to use visuals to my advantage. Over the Easter holidays, I am going to look into more detail at preparing a video piece to show to the commissioning panel. Over the last week I have spent more time planning and editing my show-reel than I have preparing for my presentation. The main reason for this being that I have neglected the show-reel over the last few weeks in favour of other units. Overall my show-reel has become a piece showcasing my editing skills, styles and techniques. Through Easter, I am going to look at pieces that I have taken a more physical role in, such as directing and filming, to include in my final show-reel.

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