Monday, 17 May 2010

Ninth Blog 05/05/10

With my proposal handed in I can now focus on finishing my pitch idea. From planning other presentations, I have given myself time to focus on what I'll be saying and how long each of these sections of powerpoint will take me to speak about. I have also planned on the approach I will take to pitch my idea. As the piece focuses around a serious topic, I will take a very formal approach to the pitch, addressing the panel in a very formal way. Once the presentation piece is finished I will spend the few days leading up to the presentation planning the timings and overall approach. I will also spend the time adjusting any sections I believe to be weak overall in the pitch. From having a "practice" run of the pitch in front of the class, I feel more comfortable in talking in front of crowds, and have developed further in the overall body language and approach I have towards an audience. This overall has given me more confidence when talking to a group, and will hopefully give the panel the confident approach towards me as an inidividual. My showreel has also taken form in a large way. With music videos and music based pieces being my strongest point, I will focus the piece around this and make a music based showreel. I plan to complete these by the end of the TV Studio live week (14th May) to allow for any changes to be made when needed.

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